name: BlobKat
location: UK (GMT/BST)
time for me: N/A
likes: JS, C, Geometry Dash
dislikes: Xcode, dried fruits
catchphrase: smh smh
Blob·Kat /blɒbkæt/ noun A rare mystical creature that can best be described as a blob with features of a cat. No pictures have ever been taken of one, but many artist impressions have been created (see illustration above)

Random JS recreation of, with extensible JS server implementation

Open MC

2D Minecraft implementation in Javascript, with complete modding capabilities and built for multiplayer

r/place faithful recreation, except the codebase is extremely cursed, and we did end up adding a couple extra features like live chat

Blob Machine

Cell Machine Mystic Mod but swaggier


Infinite precision mandelbrot/burning ship fractal explorer


GLSL playground. Custom images/resolution and result is exportable. Uses a custom regex-powered code highlighter


Upcoming Chat platform superior to any other. The principle is take discord activities, but on steroids, and then make it more accessible, and then add actually good creator monetization.


Unlock at level 5